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This program's goal is to provide a Audio Asylum - Tubes Asylum: Re: 6C5 as substitute for 6J5? by andy evans - Questions about tubes and gear that glows. You can Audio Research VS115 tube amplifier in excellent condition with box and manual. A simple design for a variable sawtooth wave generator. Although electrically equivalent and both employ the same octal base, the 6j5 is a single triode whereby the 6sn7 is a dual triode [basically two 6j5's in one tube] and are not direct substitutions. Although there is Russian tubedata availabe, the search can not handle cyrillic characters. ~ high quality 6j5g / l63 tube's made many year's ago. The most prized of these tubes put out only a watt or two and sound spectacularly musical through a high efficiency speaker. Listen to official albums & more. First off the Indeed Hi Fi Labs 6N11 Headphone amplifier is a Hybrid amplifier using a Chinese military grade class tube, if you see a J on any Chinese tube it means that this is military grade. Two tube sockets are mounted and wired to receive two pieces of 6J5 which is a equivalent to half piece of 6SN7. cartridges were high output and the amp only used a 6J5 to drive the 6L6s. 98. This circuit uses a great deal of negative feedback in order to supposedly get more linear response with cheap output transformers.

95. We can now apply other criteria, such as tube cost, tube sexiness, heater current draw, tube size, tube amplification factor and transconductance and plate-dissipation limits… looking over this list of possible output tubes, the 6AS7 and 12B4 are likely to the prove the best candidates. 0SE preamp with GZ34 rectifier. Also, before listening it is good practice to give the tube time to warm up. A very simple preamplifier that used two L63 tubes in Class A with no feedback and it operated pretty much badly out of spec. CLIENT COMMENTS: "Hi Brent, The pair of 5687 JAN military stock Raytheon bronze plate tubes you sent me recently are the best sounding and quietest I’ve ever installed in my Modwright SWL 9. Its introductory price in the East was $99. this is the best sounding 6J5GT = 6J5WGT Triode tube type. 7/8. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) vacuum tube (valve) amplifier and tube preamplifier projects. net Or call us at 253-756-6489 It took me some time to optimise the driver stage. There is more information about power supply design with tube rectifiers in the Power Supply Design for Vacuum Tube Amplifiers article.

A feature of a beam power tube is its low screen-grid current. Special quality French made early 1960's. I did extensive listening tests with various 6J5 variants and found I liked the old 6J5G with ST bottle best. 50 ea. This will only take a minute. Tube output will be a little cleaner sounding, a little more musical, energetic and less vague, while maintaining your system's unique nature and character. It is like a Fisher 500C. In its day, it was considered a "normal" triode with somewhat different curves from the 6J5. I just currently finished a tube preamp using a 6SN7 dual-triode,I've heard of really good NOS tubes to use,like the RCA red base,Mullards,and other various tubes,but these are usually expensive. The Muffsy BSTRD will give you that sweet "tube sound" without having to get a tube power amplifier. Never really liked the 350 electronics sound and a bit better the triode 351 . Tube Depot's Vacuum Tube DIY Amplifier Kits come with everything needed to build a great sounding stereo or mono amp, or guitar or instrument amp.

(10+) 6J5 metal tubes, various USA NOS, $6. QUICKSILVER Linestage Preamps ULTIMO II Tube Set 6922 Genalex Gold Lion Item Description Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer: QUICKSILVER Model: Linestage Preamp with 6922's (check store for 12AX7 version if needed) Description: ULTIMO II Tube Set - Best sounding featuring top-of-the-line Genalex Gold Lion gold pin If you want to find the best sounding tube for your system and don't mind spending $$, then buy several brands/types and listen for yourself. (If no replacement is shown for a particular tube number, there is no replacement and you must use original tube number to replace a defective tube). Tube Amps for Pocket Change SainSonic Biggermouth A1 Headphone Amp. com. very nice conditioncondition + they sound great! made 1950's in great britain. The review is a double review between the Indeed 6N11 Tube Class A Headphone Amplifier Versus the Qinpu Q1 + Indeed L-top 6N3 Buffer Amplifier combo. This is a very different sounding tube compared to a lot of Sylvania 6SN7 tubes from 50s and 60s. 300B Triode Vacuum Tube Comparison Review May i first set the "ground rules" here. How to Test Vacuum Tubes. The best of all worlds I believe, of a great transport with the best sounding electronics INHO. Started with an SRPP, then a paralleled 6SL7 to an 6J5 loaded with a gyrator in mu-follower achieving less than 0.

Get the best tube you can afford. CBS 5692 8. These fantastic RFT Germany ECC85 / 6AQ8 tubes have a great warm sound and are a great affordable NOS tube. Anything that has low volume or the ability to isolate the tube from vibration. 8/8. 0 Pre Amplifier Headphone Module Amplifier Buffer Board. These 6J5 tubes are wired parallel to the 6SN7 tubes so that you can use either of them. and the best In a Hollywood twist ending, it turns out that the best 6SN7 is not a 6SN7 at all, it's a pair of 6J5 / 6J5-G / 6J5-GT, each of which, electronically identical to one half of a 6SN7. The single triode is perfect for a monoblock design where only one stage of amplification is desired. AUDIO RESEARCH VT150 VT150SE ULTIMO Tube Set Genalex KT88+GoldPin Preamp Click any image to see it full size Item Description Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer: AUDIO RESEARCH Model: VT-150 and VT-150SE Description: ULTIMO (our best sounding, most reliable, longest lasting) tube set for your amp - Gold pin 6H30Pi-EB Sovtek, increasingly popular as a muscular and great sounding driver tube. QUICKSILVER LINESTAGE PREAMPS ULTIMO II Tube Set 6922 Genalex Gold Lion - $104. .

A sweet sounding, rare tube! SINGLE TUBES, WHEN AVAILABLE, ARE $45. In addition, when changing to a higher output rectifier in a "self biasing" (aka "cathode biased" amp, eg, Champ and others) never assume that the power tube(s) is/are safe. VOX, with the early AC30 is perhaps the best example. Vacuum tubes are an older technology not often used today, but they still show up in some amplifiers and other devices. Instead of some geeks idea of going through all the manufacturer's claimed measurements and stuff i decided to do all this just like any normal dette/dude would. Carefully matched electrically into pairs. All tube brands - All amps - NOS/USA/Current Production Tubes. Reduced to sell! This is your chance to obtain one of the best sounding 300b based amplifiers money can buy. Good luck with your vintage tube radio restorations. but were smaller in my experience than those between the best and the worst 6SN7 or ECC83/12AX7 that I have heard. DIY Vacuum Tube Amplifier Projects. It is a preamplifer that is suitable for conntrolling volume of line level audio signals (attenuate or amplify) and maybe add some magic tube sound to audio.

This 1960 TUBE CADDY BELOW book also includes all tube numbers from all over the world. Multitap for different cans. For you solid-staters, let this be a (perhaps frightening) glimpse into that curious medical condition known as "Toob Madness". Anyway, Just for the sake of the "science of history" you might want to mention that your display of the 300 model is a mutation (like my 350 ). The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 Tube World Express is a division of Tube World, Inc. 20% THD at 150 Vpp. These French made 6AM6S have an incredible very detailed low noise floor and are probably the best sounding 6AM6S PM07 EF91. I need to look at the specs again. In Search of the Perfect 300B Tube Page 3. html#tubes>FAQ</a> Your search string appears to be blank Get the best deal for GE Vacuum Tubes from the largest online selection at eBay. I have a CM39 Rockola countertop model from 1939 that only has a three tube amplifier. You can buy ready made adapters on EBay, which convert two 6J5's into a single 6SN7.

It is a finger sized tube, all glass, and has a standard 9-pin base (like a 12AX7) with a large cylindrical plate structure inside. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. In my research for a very quiet phono input/head amp tube I found it to be the best choice due to it's linearity and high transconductance. This machine used an external speaker. But the Mullards are very nice with great extension in both frequency directions. Ken Rad 6J5GT 6J5 Vacuum Tube Toob Madness Or The 6SN7 Zoo Review By Raymond Chowkwanyun Click here to e-mail reviewer This is a capsule review of how eight different 6SN7 tubes sounded in my system. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! True NOS Matched Quad (4) RFT Germany ECC85 / 6AQ8 Grey Plate Vacuum Tube. Legendary 6sn7 tube. I see a Citation II amplifier in your profile. B+ also interesting, for preamp/driver tube it is regulated with 6B4G+2x 0A3. The only other tube is as revered is Tung-Sol round plates. /faq.

Another thing is you have to use two 6J5 tubes to make one 6SN7 tube, so you will need a quad to replace a pair. valvo e80cf ecf80 6bl8 valbo hamburg factory code D gold pin nos nib pair--$90 test results--58/64, 57/66 u12 tube marconi gecovalve u12 mullard ~ rgn2004 nos nib test 75ma (70=100%) nos nib bright heater see pictures test emission cup socket tested with funke rpg4/3 german army tube tester test results 75ma (where 70ma =100%) zz code engraved base all original very rare with original box mint conditions tube. This tube is critical for the best tone for channel 2 (your reverb/tremolo channel). This position is particularly sensitive to microphonic tubes due the high gain of channel 2. It is very linear tube with a low output impedance and a modest amount of gain (~20). 6J5 Triode (metal can) TO BUY 6J5 metal can 6J5G=10E/348 GEC England black oval plates * these 6J5G are nice in equipment designed and made by Caccamo Attilio, Italy (www. 5 watts. I just do not want others to be misinformed about tube performance. The 6J5 tubes are comparatively easy and cheaper to get but they gives wonderful sound comparable to the best 6SN7 tubes at very high price. The 6C5 is an interesting tube: it is actually the guts from a 6J7 sharp-cutoff pentode mounted in a single-ended octal metal package, internally triode-connected into a medium-mu triode. Motorola Metal Base 6J5GT Tube Tested Super Strong Free Shipping See more like this. S army and airforce where minimum good for 6j5 cv1067 L63 is 50/50.

Gibson Tube Amp Specifications I would like to thank Björn Anger for permission to use the information contained here. 3/8. Encouraged by my success with my 833-A monoblocks driven by 45s transformer coupled by parallel feed LL1930 to the grids of the 833-As and only running them at 1000 Volts with zero grid bias (gets 135 ma plate current on 833-A) and using this sounds thrilling with Magnepan 0. 50/pair. and, of course, IMHO very well sounding I'm using the 300B, and have already ordered the 2A3. 6J5 + 6J5 = 6SN7. tube-based crossovers and much more TCJ Filter Design. , $59. 6 6J5 Shootout - which one's best? but I like the 6J5 as they are closely related to 6SN7 but costs less than half price. Now need to replace the 6J5 for the lovely 7193. The 6J5's are exactly one half of a 6SN7 so two are needed, On the plus side because you use two tubes in one adapter you can mix two different brand names together and get the best that each tube brand offers!!! The 76 predates the 6J5 and is a tube along with the 27, that is the same line of triode type. Do I have any sonic benefits ahead of me for reverting that pair of tubes to 6SL7 (the best-sounding ones available)? If yes, what kind of sonic benefits can I expect? Thanks in advance for any guidance I receive (I'm pretty inexperienced w/tube rolling, in case it isn't glaringly obvious!).

One other thing worth mentioning- Make sure you plug in the power supply and turn the amp on before anything else (source or headphones) are plugged in. 5/8. a pretty great-sounding cheap amp. The output of this small amplifier in which a 6V6GT output pentode is connected as triode is about 4. If anyone has more type M tube substitution information, please let us know and we will gladly add it to the below chart. Additional info & photos provided by Charles Kotlaris. The 6J5 can be a very nice sounding tube. 00 EACH. Experiment with different types to find your tone. Single Ended Class A 6V6 6J5 Valve (Vacuum Tube) Amplifier Circuit. There was a strange little thing that appeared in Danish magazine Ny Elektronik (New Electronics) in 1989. Textronics and others used them in oscilloscopes and other high performance test equipment.

You can find Russian tube data by replacing the cyrillic charactes by latin characters. ALWAYs check the bias and idle power of the tube with the new rectifier to be certain that it is running within spec. At one time I could tell you everything about them from memory as I worked with them for a few years but time has marched on from then. jack middeldorp-experienced audiophile salesman, repair expert, and designer/builder extraordinaire of horn speakers and tube amps has produced one of the best sounding, long lasting mono block amps in the world- the pe150. The first The 833-A Stereo Amplifier: When I first began building single ended triode amplifiers the vacuum tubes of choice were the 300-B, the 2A3, and the 45. 300B Western Electric HAL-O III subdues heater-generated vibrations and common microphonics, allowing a truer rectified current and truer musical signal. A 6J5, 6C5, 6P5G, or a 6SN7 would have worked great in this section, but I preferred to use a shoulder-type tube for aesthetic reasons. 7s, using 4 Ohm secondary for Hammond 1642 SE for the 833-A output, I prepared to build a center channel amplifier that There is a key between pins 1 and 8 to ensure that the tube can only be plugged in one way. Many newer designs use this terrific tube. Increasing the cathode bias resistor is often necessary. A pair of fully silver wired KEGON L/G 300b Monoblocks with an output of 22 pure class A OPT are interesting, double C UHib amorphous core with copper-silver wiring. Will include in my rotation.

Search made by Ryszard J. Using it in the saga. By itself this is not a complaint for a random tube. Best Match currently selected. I assumed that listening to the entire set would confirm this impression created by TK 6J5-REF. This is where you can find useful technical reference information to help you better understand our parts. DS series was a Tube Top 5 Best Stereo Amps Review 2019 - Duration: 7 Tips to Perfect Sounding Vinyl Records W Classic HiFi 6J5 Tube Line Preamp & W Vertical Wood 33 SE Power Amp Performance (Classic Music CD After you have carefully read all of 'Tube Operation 1', you might have a chance to understand loadlines drawn for 1/2 6SN7 in Tube-Op-1, with dc load = 47k and ac load of 100k, B+ = +300Vdc. 5v 300b, also switchable heater supplies allow the use of 27,56 76 in place of the 6sn7. Title: 6V6 6V6G 6V6GT Author: Tung-Sol Subject: JA-FP-2005-11-06 Created Date: 11/6/2005 11:41:14 AM 6j5-gt Is Similar To: Vaccum Pack 12ax7a Vintage Tubes 1 Baldwin 5 (35. Ea vs Ia for 1/2 6CG7. 3V Filament @ 300ma, Vplate max = 250V, Vgrid = -8V <-125V - target - -250V> (Also see 6U5 which is a remote-cutoff 6E5, 6G5=6U5 has lower grid bias (-22V) than a 6E5) - Sparton 88 TO BUY 6E5 tuning eye TO BUY 6E6 TO BUY 6E7 (Belmont 425 radio) TO BUY 6EA7/6EM7 Dual Triode TO BUY 6EA8 Triode-Pentode (for: Cobra CB Transceiver Cam 88, MAC-1500 As a tube dealer, I can tell you, most of the time 6SN7 NOS I get offered is medium quality. The 6F8G is very similar to the 6SN7 family of tubes; it has a shoulder type bulb (which I think is more nostalgic-looking), and its internal capacitance is slightly different.

It looks like a Frankenstein valve, but it’s a lovely thing to me. In addition to Zenith's "robot dial", which received a make-over from its inaugural 1938 model year, the 9-S-367 embodied two Zenith innovations new for 1939. Fig 1. 6J5 Driver The 6J5 is the single triode version and electrical equivalent of the venerable 6SN7. More electron tubes can be found in the tube store collection of New Old Stock (NOS) If you are looking for a tube shop carrying the very best tubes for your amplifier, you've come to the right place. If you aren't sure about which valve you need, or what tubes you can substitute, let us help you. The GEs seem more dynamic and energetic. No need to match tubes or manually re-bias. Complete data here Below 6J5G / L63 GEC ST shape tube in white military box. These come with original blank white boxes. $29. Soooo, how about the sound? Well.

IMHO really great value for money. Westinghouse 6SN7GTB D getter 8. The 6DJ8/6922 (µ = 33) appeared in the late 1960's designed for use in color TV tuners. My pick of best sounding 78 machine is the Wurlitzer 1550A. (Mullard and Sylvania) The ones with round plate structure like a 6SL7 were better than the black box plates. My particular tubes were made in 1967, Blackburn factory. Transformer - Output, 8 W, Single Ended. 3% similar) By 1913, business had become brisk, with baldwin exporting to thirty two countries in addition to having retailers throughout the united states. tektron. Inter-modulation at 10W is less than 1% and 5% at 25 W, not impressive – but nice. The RCA 76 black plate is the best sounding of the bunch, IMO. Made in Germany with Gray Plates and O getters.

thank you for looking. For the frugal buyers – this may be the best affordable tube amp. Please be aware that most of these vacuum tube projects use potentially lethal voltages that can kill you so do not attempt them if you are not familiar with high voltage safety! The electrical characteristics of the 6J5 are identical to the 6SN7 with just a single triode in the glass enveloppe. Recycled (previously played), Generic (best value), PRIMO (most popular) and ULTIMO (best sounding) tube sets for every budget. 1/7. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Tubes are the new KT120 type, great sounding amp,, won’t disappoint Audio Research VS115 tube amplifier in excellent condition with box and ma Figure 2 — Why the Boosted Pierce can produce output with its oscillator tube removed or disabled: The crystal is connected between the amplifier grid and ground through the oscillator's grid feedback capacitance (in this case, 50 pF) and (if the oscillator tube is disabled but left in its socket and its cathode is bypassed to common for RF, as it is here) the oscillator tube's grid-to tube three-band console radio introduced in the summer of 1938 as part of Zenith's line-up of 76 new models for 1939. This is my first successful vacuum tube project. 300B Single-Ended (SE) Tube Amplifier Schematic (6SN7 input) The power supply use a 5U4-GB tube rectifier and a C-L-C filter. Made even easier now that Tyler is using 2. 7A4 - loctal 6J5 (1 Hi Andy: The amps I build are single 6550 with single 6J5 front end. After these listening sessions, I already knew that the Attilio's products are not just inexpensive, warm sounding tube devices "for the people", but rather serious contenders despite relatively low pricing.

Tube Amplifiers & NOS Tubes. This tube was designed for radios, tape recorders and home audio. Although that 6J5’s are single triode versions of the 6SN7’s, I would not recommend using 6SN7’s due to the high Voltage supply. Click on a topic below to see more about it. The ships with Electro Harmonix power tubes with "active automatic bias adjustment function" that will adjust the bias to the optimal level for each tube. It is an accurate, but rather bland sounding amplifier. This tube is truly a mouse that roared, as it can handle 12 watts on the plate at 300 volts, and 300 volts on the screen at 2 watts! Welcome to the Antique Electronic Supply Tech Articles. Best Match. thank you! Product Name: no the AO44 is a push pull type amp it uses 2x ecl86 tubes but any output transformer that is push pull type and works for 2 EL84 tubes (ecl86 has 1/2 of a 12ax7 and 1 el84 in 1 tube) should work i think Hammond universal push pull 8w would work plus offer different speaker outputs, the Ao44 was 8ohm speaker only Audio Note - UK Kegon 300b, Low Gain Version for sale. To help you with your Rogers, Majestic and De Forest tube radio restorations, JustRadios have prepared the below tube substitution chart for type M tubes. These 6AM6S tubes are compatible with Little Dot headphone amps and tube buffers using the EF91 / 6AM6 / M8083 tube. So Great sounding tube -- warmish, laid back, very enjoyable.

Highly recommended:JAN GE 12AX7WA, RCA 12AX7A, ANOS RCA 12AX7A or , RFT 12AX7. While there are so many different flavours to experience in the 6sn7 family of dual triodes, and as mentioned by Ait in an earlier post. The Tube CAD Journal's first companion program, TCJ Filter Design lets you design a filter or crossover (passive, OpAmp or tube) without having to check out thick textbooks from the library and without having to breakout the scientific calculator. Here we have a anode Ra curves for various Eg1 and for a 6J5 which was Product description: Note:if you want 100W,Please use big speaker! This product PCB board color change to green, but other part and the function is same. The are not at 9mA anymore, as they are supposed to be. A great driver in my opinion. AUDIO RESEARCH VT150 VT150SE ULTIMO Tube Set Genalex KT88+GoldPin Preamps - $598. 2 Another great balanced tube, lacks bloom, bass has excellent control, but I would prefer more body, one of the best for treble lovers, needs mid richness. Search for: L63 6J5G GEC Valve England. loads of interesting and good sounding Keep in mind that this is a non feedback amplifier and 6J5’s are possibly not the best drivers at a 600V supply. So, if you disagree with every tube I ever mentioned, I have to question your amplifier(s), quality of your speakers and frankly your experience. A simple 8-watt power amp that uses a 6SH7 input tube and a single 6L6 output.

I test them all for Gm, gain, triode balance, and noise/microphonics. For a quick test, inspect the tube for signs of damage and listen to the sound it makes. “SainSonic 6J5 Class A Vacuum Tube Buffer Classic 47 The 6BQ5 is a small beam power pentode vacuum tube. you will get the 3 tube's for the offer. Get the best deal for Home Audio Tube Amplifiers Channels 2 from the largest online selection at eBay. If you’re looking for a headphones option, this mini tube amp allows for high-quality sound for headphones as well. This is a suitable replacement for any 6J5 = 6J5G = 6J5GT = 6J5WGT Triode tube type. I’ve never used the 6SH7 tube before… curious though. Dark grey coating, black base, one of the best sounding 6J5! 5R4GYA, rectifier tube, brown base, strong and fast valve with clear sound! In original boxes. The brand is known for delivering one of the best high-fidelity sounds. To get the idea of tube sound and how tube preamps works, I got this cheap kit for experimenting: AC12V/1A Stereo 2. Custom Vacuum Tube Sets for Musicians, Audiophiles and Radio Operators.

The vacant octal socket is used when fitted with 6sn7. The EF86 made its way into guitar amplifiers because it had a lot of gain and a good track record in quality audio equipment. Valvo ef86 6267 Germany Hamburg factory D code mesh plate strong pair--$70 test results-- 36, 36 these are some of the best 6j5 l63 sounding tube tubes are tested on tv-7A/U tube tester use by U. Read Vacuum Tube Amplifier Kit Reviews and Customer Ratings on Vacuum Tube Amplifier Kit Reviews, Consumer Electronics, Amplifier, MP3 Players & Amplifier Accessories, Replacement Parts & Accessories Reviews and more at Aliexpress. directlyreplaces = upgrades 6j5 + 6j5g tube's For a fairly simple circuit, these work and sound very good. Driver tube is a 6J5. . A lot of them sound very romantic and liquid, this tube is not that, it sounds very transparent and dynamic with great bass. 48. Tube World Express showcases the best sounding audio vacuum tubes that Tube As natural sounding as they come I just wish it was lighter on its feet. Dec '06 - Using the Angela power transformer makes this amp switchable to use either a 300b or 2A3 tube. Looking for a Tube not listed? If you can't find it, We'll find it for you! Email us at worldtubecompany @earthlink.

This cheap tube amp is one of the most reliable available on the market today. Buy Cheap Vacuum Tube Amplifier Kit Now. Its a single triode like half a 6SN7 also but looks cooler as it has both a plate and a grid cap. At 8mA, even 7,5mA they can be a fine tube, it depends on the rest of the test. The table at the bottom of this page shows the translation used for the tube type numbers. Also, the tube needs heat to operate properly so don't panic about it either if its warm. Please do not copy info contained here without a link back to this page ! This manual tells what radio receiving tube will substitute for another and work as a replacement. 6E5=VT-215 Indicator Tube (Eye Tube) (6E5=6. guaranteed to work great! check out the picture's of the tube's you will get . Using such a tube when seeking for high fidelity audio reproduction is a very good choice. these are some of the best 6j5 l63 sounding tube tubes are tested on tv-7A/U tube tester use by U. it) - Audio Note monoblocks - Audio Note Quest mono amps - Berning Siegfried - Tektron preamp and amp - New Audio Frontiers Absolute MKII preamp TO BUY 6J5G GEC The 6SN7GT – the best general-purpose dual triode? Home Knowledge Base The 6SN7GT – the best general-purpose dual triode? Born just before America’s entry into World-War II, the 6SN7GT dual triode had a precocious childhood, becoming one of the most common tubes by the end of the war.

How many pins does a 6V6 and 6J5 tube have? What would you recommend as the best sounding speaker for this Amp Musical Fidelity A1000. Barczynski. It uses a high output Astatic cartridge driving a 6J5 with a 6N7 class B power stage that gets 10 watts of output with only a puny 5W4 rectifier. Compared to the GE 5-stars I have, the Mullards are a bit more laid-back. one of the best sounding 6J5! Click to see all 6J5 in stock. You could also use a 7193/2C22. The beam power part tells us that the tube, as RCA put it, "is a tetrode or pentode in which directed electron beams are used to increase substantially the power-handling capability of the tube. best sounding 6j5 tube

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